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Have you SEEN our banner? Is it not awesome? Here’s the full image:

A beautiful rendition!

It’s hand painted oil on wood, and you should see the actual work. Totally captivating. The artist has never done anything like ‘orange crate art’ before and decided to have a go at it. I am so glad she did. All the plants and animals in the picture are natives and that is actually Bishop’s Peak in the background.

This work of art was created by Melina, a local talent. Originally born in Buenos Aries, Argentina, Melina moved here to study Fine Arts, Fashion Design, and English. In addition to painting, she writes, designs, and makes jewelry. And incredible orange crate art.

You have to check out her website! It showcases the great diversity of her work, such as her surrealist and abstract pieces, which are among my favorite.

My mom and I feel quite privileged to have someone of Melina’s caliber submitting art for our banner. If you like what you see you might drop her a line and let her know. Or leave a comment here and we’ll make sure she sees it.

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