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How to Make Mayo in a Blender.  (Why?)

Over the past year or so we have blogged about sustainability and how to make a transition to a more practical and healthy lifestyle. We have talked about GMO’s, dirt, worms, native plants, container gardening, companion gardening, safe sex in the garden, GMO’s, clotheslines vs. clothes dryers, blue belly lizards and Lyme disease and of course GMO’s.  How to make Mayo in a Blender seems a little off topic. A subject perhaps that was not even a blip on your radar screen of things you need to know.

I can hear you thinking “ I don’t care about how to make mayo.”  “Is that really important in living a sustainable lifestyle?”  “Learning how to grow healthy food and kids now that is important and something I can relate to.” It is true you can live without mayonnaise. If everything came to a screeching halt and you couldn’t get mayo well that would not be the end of the world. So, where am I going with this anyway?  Have I finally jumped the tracks and run amok?  Not exactly.

This is about way more than making mayo.  This is about you learning how to read between the lines. This is about you learning how to learn. This is about you doing something that you didn’t ‘think’ you could do or didn’t think was that important.  This is all about you.

Our shows and blogs gave you a reason why you needed to change things. And then we showed you what happened when you made the change. We showed you the pitfalls and mistakes and changes and adjustments we had to make along the way. The Clothesline episode was a real learning experience on so many levels. And our first Garden with the Giant Mutant Sunflowers and out of control tomatoes well, we shared it all. We showed you a direct correlation between cause and effect. Always the choice to do it was entirely in your hands.

Making Mayo is going one step further. Making Mayo is about you coming up with the reason why you need to know this and discovering for yourself how it will affect your attitude and approach to life.

“Really?” All that is going to happen from learning how to make Mayo in a Blender?  Whatever.  O.k. Here are some of the reasons I think you will make. “This is not important to me. I haven’t got time to do this. This doesn’t make any sense to me. This is silly. I don’t want to know how to make Mayo in a blender. I don’t really care about this.”  If you think any of these responses were a good reason not to learn how to do this then let me point out what was really going on in your mind.

All of the above responses were excuses why you couldn’t do it and not reasons why you need to do it. What you were really saying was, “I don’t think I can do it. What if I make a mistake? I don’t want to fail. What if it doesn’t turn out? I have never done this before. I don’t know how to do this.”

The point of this whole exercise and this series that I am Calling Green Eggs and Ham Try it series, is to show that all the reason you need to do something is because you can. You can do this little exercise in how to make Mayo in a blender because you don’t need an excuse not to. You need a reason to do it and the reason is You CAN do it. And I promise you that this is just the first little baby step in a wonderful journey and experience on finding out who you are and what you are capable of. This is about you making changes because you know if you don’t do it someone else will do it for you.

Sure it may not work out exactly according to the instructions then it again it may be better. It may not taste as good as you expected or it may be even better than you expected. Who knows? The point is now You Will know. You don’t have to wonder what the outcome will be or if it will work or what it will taste like, or if you can do it.  You will know because you did it and found out for yourself. Now you can make the necessary changes to get the results you want. You can build on this new knowing experience and apply it to everything else in your life. Again, with the wild and extraordinary claims about this silly exercise.

Do you know of any babies that after falling down the first time they tried to walk stayed down and never got back up again. I don’t know of any and why is that? First, babies haven’t learned yet how to make excuses. So getting up and doing it again was the only thing to do and eventually one step leads to another and the race is on. Do you think a baby asks the questions like “where is all this going to lead? What happens next? Why am I doing this? You know the answer to this because you are the answer. You are walking, talking, running, and it all started with one baby step for no other reason than because you could.

Making Mayo is you taking your first steps outside of your comfort zone. This is a baby step.

Now watch this video on how to make Mayo. Make fun of all the grammatical mistakes, the lousy audio, the stumbles and fumbles I make along the way and giggle and laugh at me like I did. I would be the first to admit this is not very professional because I in fact don’t know what the heck I am doing. But that didn’t stop me. I am learning. Nobody starts out perfect. I am getting better. And honestly there is also a real sense of pride and accomplishment in this little piece. I really didn’t think I could ever film myself and even more remote was the idea of editing this to make a video. I love proving myself wrong more than anybody. I was really surprised and absolutely delighted with how much I was able to do just by doing it.  I am not expecting an Oscar. But who knows? If I keep doing it maybe it will happen.

I promise you, you will learn something not only about yourself but also about the world around you. I promise it will trigger something else in your brain that will lead to other adventures you never knew existed. Now do it. Make this Mayo in a blender. You know why. Because you can.

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