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After Samson blogged about using vinegar as an herbicide, I started thinking about all the other things you can do with vinegar. So here’s my vinegar post!

Samson used to tease me about the fact that no matter how clean I was able to get my car, my windows were ALWAYS streaked.  I would get so frustrated and then I realized that I was using the wrong stuff.  I have always used distilled white vinegar, a touch of liquid soap and warm water to clean my house windows and mirrors, why not use it for the car? I did, and now I am a window pro!

Of course, in my ever questioning mind I wondered what else I could use vinegar for.  I tried it in my laundry, you know those towels that you can’t get the mildew smell out of them after they sat in the car for a week; well, the vinegar took the smell out! No, my clothes did not smell like vinegar.

I mixed it with baking soda and liquid detergent to scour lime deposits in the bathroom….again worked!  Now when the kids ask if they can help clean the bathroom I feel safe letting them because they will only inhale vinegar.  Get them started young, I say.  I have found a website that is all about vinegar and is a great resource! You will be amazed, and may never buy a chemical cleaner again!

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