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I am reprinting this article. It appeared in a green directory, Solstice, out of San Luis Obispo. If you did just one thing on this list it is better than nothing. Also, there is a plant called spiderwort that detects radiation. I added that at the end.

“Below is a list of foods that might lead you to discover that you have been doing many of the right things already, just by eating a quality and well-rounded whole foods diet.

Foods high in iodine: Kelp and dulse seaweeds  are the best; foods rich in vitamin P (bioflavanoids), citrus pulp, bilberry and blueberry;

Foods rich in vitamin A: sweet potato, fish-liver oils, butter, dark green vegetables, beef liver, yellow and orange veggies, carrots, egg yolk, dandelion greens/roots, berries, apricots, spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, chilies;

Foods rich in vitamin D: fish liver oil, butter, eggs, liver, milk, saltwater fish;

Foods rich in vitamin E: wheat germ, wheat germ oil, leafy green vegetables, avocado, nuts, legumes, raw vegetable oils, sweet potato, whole-grain products, asparagus;

Foods high in minerals: dark leafy greens, beets,etc.; chlorella, cilantro, miso, (good quality stuff from South River Miso or Miso Master; garlic; eleuthero ginseng, bentonite clays if radiation exposure  cannot be avoided (do not take by itself, always mix in later and add at least psyllum to it); raw greens and sprouts; reishi and shitake mushrooms, burdock root; raw  beets, celery root, milk thistle, dandelion or artichoke leaf;

Herbs specific for your constitution: schisandra berry, tumeric, aloe vera and tiphala.

This was short and sweet.

p.s.  by mom. There is a plant called Spiderwort that can detect radiation. The stamen turn from blue to pink when they have been exposed to even slight radiation.  Here is what it looks like.

The studies were conducted at
Kyoto University in Japan and at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

This site pretty much puts all the information together

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