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This pictures says it all for me. This year is going to be all about Mother Nature, water, sky and everything in between.

In numerology, which is the study of numbers, such as the figures in a birth date, and of their supposed influence on human affairs, this year is a 4 or a 13. A little confusing because of the 11. Some say you can’t breakup the 11 and others say you can. I am going with the –you can break it up — So 4 is the number for this year.

“This is a practical year. A year of evaluating material things. A time to manage well. Stick to things and accomplish goals. A time to put ideas into concrete form. This is a year for building resources for future security. There will be more work than play this year. Avoid carelessness and accept responsibility. Not a time to trust to luck.” Numerology is also called arithmancy which I didn’t know.



Star Elders Calendar


What else is going on?  Native Americans are seeing  a lot of their prophecies taking shape. Interesting happenings occurring on Dec. 21  and Jan 4.  Dec 4, 2010 was a full  lunar eclipse on the winter solstice. Jan 4 will be a full solar eclipse on a New Moon.  Eclipses are viewed as opportunities in the great cosmos. A Stargate or portal of sorts.  Small window where change can occur. Here’s how  GRANDMOTHER SILVERSTAR describes it.

GRANDMOTHER SILVERSTAR,Wiċahpi Mazaska Waśté Wiŋ, No-qui-si A-de-lv U-ne-ga, Hee-do-ka sent the following to us:

O’śi-yo, Star Family Relatives,

“Brothers and Sisters, we are now in a sacred time between the eclipses, between the December 21, 2010, TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE and the January 4, 2011 SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Coming on Jan. 4, 2011 is New Year’s Day of The EarthStar Way Sacred 13-Moon Calendar.

All over Mother Earth, the Star Family will activate the Star Laws of the Day.  Thus, in “Ceremony of the Stars” the Star Family will pray together as ONE HEART. “

I kind of feel there is some ancient wisdom going on here and I really like the idea of everybody being together as One Heart.  So I will pass that on.

Here at Hole in the Fence I have 3 pet projects I am going to focus on:  One is water.


Miracle water


Water is a miracle and a mystery and so darn interesting we just have to get to know it better. Did you know that water has a memory? Oh Yea.

Two is GMO’s.




Monsanto is really doing the world a great disservice by contaminating the gene pool with GMO’s.  I really really don’t want my grand babies, or anyone’s children to have to deal with the wrath of a Women scorned, that would be Mother Nature, as she tries to sort out getting screwed over by profit pimps prostituting and raping all her children.

Three is Chemtrails.


Look Up

http://educate-yourself.org/ct/ aligncenter

There are streaks in the sky that linger for hours and hours. It changes the color of the sky and the weather. It blocks my sunlight. It blocks my gardens sunlight. I don’t like that. That is not good.  I want it to Stop until and when I find out what it is they are spraying, who is doing it, and why they are doing it?  If everything is fine I should be able to find the answers to those questions very quickly. If  the spraying is sinister and ill-conceived I have a feeling they will want to remain secret and keep what exactly it is they are doing up there a secret also. Sinister and secret is bad. Bad has to stop. That’s all.

That’s my three main things. If I have any time left over I will try to talk  Mr. Dalidio into planting timber bamboo on his 180 acres. Maybe take a yoga class or two and even a ceramics and videography class or get a degree in horticulture or botany. Plan a trip up the coast with my puppy dog to visit my kids and grand kids sounds like fun too.   Can’t forget to have fun. Fun needs to go at the top of the list. Still looking to get some Mount Shasta Water.

So, that is a preview folks. I am looking forward to making some real headway this year.  I am kicking off the New Year by heading to the refrigerator right now and pouring a glass of homemade eggnog with rum and bourbon in it.

“Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy, Happy New Year, everybody.”


click click

From mom with Love.






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