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Flanders field

So much tension in the world today.  The torpedo incident between North and South Korea. The unprecedented BP disaster in the Gulf. The Israeli attack on an aid ship to the Gaza. German President resigns over remarks on the Military. 1500 Indian Farmers Commit Mass

I am trying to make sense out of all this.  And I am not having an easy time of it.  Writing about how to grow bigger tomatoes, or keep the bugs at bay seems trite in comparison to current events. I know there is always something happening and going on in the world though to be honest I could not tell you what was happening last year at this time when I was writing about Bamboo and Natives plants.   These time seem different.   The intensity, severity and the sheer magnitude of recent events seems to be compounding its effect.  Little is getting resolved or fixed before something else collides into the mix.

I had to get a blog up but nothing seemed appropriate.  That is until this morning.  This seems  appropriate.  This video offers information we could all use and when applied to our lives could have a lasting and beneficial effect.

There is something for everyone.  Scientific proof, appeal to reason, and a feeling that connects us all together as human beings.  By explaining, in this very engaging format, what is going on with the human race does help to explain why I am feeling the way I do. Not much has changed except perhaps a better understanding of who I am.  And for whatever reason this seems to make a difference.  I guess all it takes to change the world is a change of heart.

Hope you enjoy this and if you find it worth while please pass it on.  It is titled Empathic Civilisation.

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