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So far, so good. That’s the word this week. Except for the vole. Yep, my sister actually saw it and tried to catch it. She grabbed it’s tail as it darted down it’s hole and it screamed.

She let go. Instantly. I would have, too.

I’m not so sure that the vole dislikes the blood meal. We’ll see.

I’ve used the blood meal wherever I saw mounds or tunnels, punching holes at regular intervals and dumping a handful of the meal in. Then I cast the meal over the surface of the affected area, soaking it into the ground with a hose. The added benefits are a) it’s a great fertilizer and b) the rabbits hate being around it, too.

We’ll see what next week brings.

How are you doing with the furry little buggers? Any successes?

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It has begun.

Logan and Kaia planted sunflowers about two weeks ago for the Great Sunflower Project. Two little shoots popped out of the ground last week.

They’re gone now, a telltale mound running directly beneath where they used to be.

This, of course, means war. So I went to Farm Supply to pick up something that will either a) repel the gophers or b) kill them. I’m going with option a) first, but if that doesn’t work I will move to option b) with extreme prejudice. The first attempt is blood meal.

Updates to follow. Keep your fingers crossed that the gophers get the hint and I don’t have to resort to more drastic measures.

Think Caddyshack.

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