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Bernie Sanders inspires me. He’s one of the few people who authentically represents the interests of his constituents and his country. In the video below, one in a series produced by Brave New Films, Bernie speaks eloquently about the connection between green policies and economic growth and the strides that the government has made in the past year towards a viable green future.

We could certainly use a few more Bernie Sanders on Capitol Hill.

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My mom and I went to a mixer put on by Solstice Green Directory. It was my mom’s first. She was a bit trepidatious.

“Relax,” I said, “I’m in my element at these things.”

And I really am. I love hanging out with groups of like-minded people with a shared goal. I do this on a regular basis for my HR gig.

But those aren’t nearly as much fun. At least, not usually. There was that one cruise in Puget Sound…but that’s for another post (and probably a different blog).

So I walked boldly in to the Avila Bay Club, signed in–and went right for the food, which was incredible: salads, fresh fruit, a gorgeous little portobello mushroom wrap with goat cheese and other savory spices, and crispy, flavorful pizza from Pizza Fusion. And then there were these little chocolate covered creampuffs…

Okay, where was I?

Right, I was being charming and outgoing. Showing my mom how it was done.

Only I wasn’t. My mom was way ahead of me, already engrossed in a conversation with Chuck from Hayward Lumber. Interesting fact, the owner of Hayward is the chairman of the Forest Sustainability Council and Hayward only uses FSC lumber. That’s the part I overheard, at least. I’m sure my mom could tell you more.

I was being upstaged. I quickly found an unsuspecting vic…fellow socialite and introduced myself.

After that (and my Stella Artois) the evening went splendidly. People seemed genuinely enthusiastic about our show, and we managed to get several businesses lined up to interview. Among them were

  • Pomar Junction Vineyards is a SIP (Sustainability In Practice) certified vineyard. In fact, they’re one of the charter members. I’m looking forward to gaining a fuller understanding of SIP generally and Pomar’s practices specifically.
  • SLO Veg delivers local produce to your home on a weekly basis. And all the produce is either certified organic or pesticide free. I love this business model and I want to learn more.
  • SLO Green Build is a local non-profit that advocates the use of green building principles. They’re very influential in SLO town and I want to know more about how they’re involved in effecting change.
  • Pizza Fusion is on the verge of becoming the first restaurant in SLO to be certified organic–and only the fifth in CA. Brandon has been amazingly inventive in creating and finding organic solutions conducive to running a profitable food service business, solutions many other local businesses can adopt to their benefit.

And then there is Solstice itself. And the amazing group of dedicated individuals who run this directory that is far more than a directory. They are helping to organize and facilitate a green movement within SLO. A movement who’s time has come, I think.

I was speaking with Jeane, a newly LEED certified architect who just moved up from LA. She hadn’t anticipated such a vibrant green community. She was uplifted seeing all the people and businesses who were so devoted to creating a more sustainable future.

And my mom. Well, she closed the place. We were some of the last people to leave. I had to fairly tear her away from some of the Solstice ladies.

I think we’ll definitely be going to the next mixer. And I think my mom will be leading me in.

A big shout-out to everyone who went! It was great meeting you!

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