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This is it, we’re off on the big trip to Austin via the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns, two places I have always wanted to visit and that I think the kids will love.

With an unplanned stop in Las Vegas.

That’s how I roll. Lots of plans followed by lots of changes in those plans.

Vegas is very intersting from a lot of perspectives (some much too interesting to talk about here), but the one that jumped out at me this trip was the now-ubiquitous “we conserve because we care” table tents. The ones that ask you to re-use your towels because it saves the planet.

It also happens to save the hotel a LOT of money. So it begs the question: is it okay if a company’s primary motivation for implementing a green methodology is financial instead of environmental? Does it make any difference to the planet if we conserve water and soap while the hotel conserves cash? I have some thoughts on this but I’d like to hear your POV in the comments first.

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