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Denette and I were at Avila with the kids a few Sundays ago, whiling away the day in the sun and the water. As we left, we noticed the Avila Farmers Market was getting rolling, so we decided to visit.

We were kind of disappointed. The market is more fun than functional, with only about six stands of produce vendors And only one fish vendor. Yikes.

However, among those vendors were two gems:

  1. Our friends at Wind Dance Farms make an incredible organic olive oil that they grow just down the road in Avila; they alone are worth a trip to the market
  2. Chaparral Gardens, which makes the best vinegars I have ever tasted. Bar none.

The iPhone camera just would NOT focus!

The owner was selling some organic mixed greens, and I wanted a salad when we got home so I bought some.

Then I sampled his vinegars.


We came home with the Pacific Spice Vinegar, which starts off sweet and finishes with a beautiful hot spiciness. We went right home and had it on our salad.

SO good with the Mt. Olive spicy olives and the CG vinegar...I feel a habit forming.

Then I proceeded to put it on everything else until it ran out.

In a week. Yep, it’s that good.

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Apparently, so many people are interested in buying locally-grown produce that even the big guys like Pepsico, Foster Farms, and ConAgra have taken notice. They’re releasing marketing campaigns that tout their “local” credentials. You can read the whole NYT article here.

What do you think?

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