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June 24 ,2010

Who in Congress is a Monsanto lover and opposes labeling GMO’s?  Find out here and take action. http://www.organicconsumers.org/bytes/ob230.htm#SEC3 Also Dennis Kucinich has 3 bills in Congress related to labeling GMO’s. Here in California Feinstein is a Monsanto lover. But Barbara Boxer is co-sponsoring labeling legislation with Kucinich.  Barbara’s got my vote.

June 21, 2010

Huffington Post

Supreme Court Case a Defeat for Monsanto’s Ambitions

This is not a break out the Champagne decision but it is sure worth a good glass of wine.

What does this mean?

The trial court based its injunction on its finding that, in approving the use of the alfalfa seed without conducting an EIS, USDA had failed to answer substantial questions concerning the extent to which deregulation would lead to the transmission of genetic traits to the crops of organic and conventional farmers and also whether the deregulation of the Roundup Ready Alfalfa would lead to the development of Roundup Ready Weeds.

This is the real news to take from today’s Supreme Court ruling – farmers and ordinary citizens concerned about the potential harms of GMOs have surmounted the essential threshold legal issue of whether they have standing to sue – a question the nation’s highest court answered today with a resounding “Yes!”

This site called ecocentric  explains the ruling in lay terms.


June 5,2010

Tell Congress to Label Genetically Modified Foods!

Non-GMO Month Planning Updates

Non-GMO Month Planning Updates

This October, retailers across the country will celebrate the first ever Non-GMO Month, putting the spotlight on Non-GMO Project Verified food and products. Coordinated by UNFI, Whole Foods Market, INFRA and the NCGA, in collaboration with the Non-GMO Project, Non-GMO Month will raise consumer awareness about the GMO issue and celebrate consumers’ right to choose non-GMO. A Non-GMO Day on October 10th (10.10.10) will feature speakers, film screenings and other educational events.

Vendors who enroll in the Non-GMO Project before June 15th will receive free ad space in UNFI’s October Specials catalogue. Contact us now to participate in this and other exclusive promotional opportunities!

Retailers interested in bringing Non-GMO Month to your store are encouraged to complete our online registration form.

I am thinking about printing up this registration form and taking it to some local stores to see if they would like to participate.  Then giving them some contact info and see what happens.




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