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Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes was a 1978 cult comedy science fiction horror B movie about a high-level government experiment gone terribly awry when a  group of giant, mutated tomatoes roll through suburbia on a spree of mayhem and murder. The movie was full of satire and irony.  The title was just perfect for this subject.  Everyone has at least heard of the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes which always seems to get some sort of reaction, usual a head shake and smile as if to say, “that is so ridiculous it is funny.”  Now that I have your attention I will show you the irony.

The plot thickens and a twist develops.  Fourteen years after the Sci Fi movie in 1992 the Flavr Savr tomato was the first commercially grown genetically engineered food to be granted a license for human consumption. It was produced by the Californian company Calgene, and submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1992. It was first sold in 1994, and was only available for a few years before production ceased. Calgene made history but mounting costs prevented it from becoming profitable, and it was eventually acquired by the profit-making Monsanto Company. Pig genes were first used in tomatoes in 1992.  Do  you eat or slaughter a Genetically Engineered Tomato?  With a  genetically engineered tomato pumped full of  pig genes  you would have a ready-made bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich if you had some lettuce. They are working on the lettuce. That will be the sequel. Attack of the Killer BLT.

Here is the twisted bit.  Fictitious persons (an oxymoron) have taken little bits and pieces of real live people and plants and created a real live killing machine (living machine is another oxymoron).  The name of the Fictitious person is Monsanto. I am going to cast this character as the F’en-men.  The F’en-men are terrorizing Mom’s Plant and Animal kingdoms.  By using rape and lethal injection the F’en-men have screwed Mother Nature and devised a Third Kingdom. I am calling this Third Kingdom the F’en Kingdom. F is for Fictitious and ironically Frankenstein which is another science fiction horror story which lends itself very nicely to the F theme.

The F’en-men Modified Mother Nature’s creation by co-mingling Her 2 separate and distinct Kingdoms which if you read the earlier post was hell-bent on procreation and propagating life.  Diabolic in nature, the F’en men  proceeded in taking parts of a pig and putting it in a tomato or parts of  human being into a cow or grain of rice or a bull to make it produce human milk.  Mom is not happy with these new development. It defies all the laws of Nature.  And we all know for a fact if Mom ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. Mom will get even. That is Her Nature.

Keeping this simple is getting a little harder and to add another twist to this already twisted saga on January 21, 2010, the United States Supreme Court granted the F’en-men personhood.  Yea, lets hear it for the Supreme Court.It would seem everyone even our Supreme Court who is made up of real persons, well maybe, is wanting to give life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to inanimate things like rocks, money and crap.  So, we will use this latest development and ask the question


This is Monsanto’s character references.  Monsanto created, PCB’s, Agent Orange, DDT, Roundup, rBGH, Terminator seed and bought the rights to the killer tomato. Do you see a pattern here? Everything that Monsanto creates or lays claim to creating KILLS. Monsanto is a now a real live certifiable killing machine as so ordered by our US Supreme Court. This is wonderful news right?

Plants with human genes. Cannabilism?

Wonderful if you condone Rape, incest and lethal injections.  Monsanto is mating human beings with plants and animals by forcible entry.  In Mom’s world this is rape. In Mom’s world rape is the worst offense you can commit.  This behavior is strictly against the laws of Nature and there is no doubt whatsoever that there will be consequences.  Mating an animal gene with a plant gene is horrific enough but to mate a human gene with a plant is beyond belief.  The gene pool is swimming in a toxic soup we have not seen since the beginning of time.

Now if you eat that tomato or bowl of rice  injected with a human gene you could be eating  a human embryo. I am not making this stuff up folks. This is happening as we speak. This new F’en mating process is called  GMO. A Genetically Modified Organism. It is unnatural and we are consuming it everyday in every way and there will be consequences.

Our EPA and FDA are also key characters in this game of life.  They are the crooked Referees that look the other way when someone on their team commits a foul.  They didn’t insist on any long-term testing on GMO’s so 80% of our produce now in the grocery stores is GE.  Europe has placed a ban on all GMO products because they don’t know what it is doing to the gene pool. No body knows.  In Europe they are much more civilized and do not believe in using the general public as lab rats like we do here in America. Everything a GMO in Europe is labeled by law.  Everything a GMO in America is not labeled by law.  People in Europe look for the GMO label and avoid it.  Europe will not buy our corn or soy products. They are all GMO’s. Japan will not buy our rice. GMO’s.


They have gone to US corn flakes, corn syrup, pop corn, tortillas, soy milk and soy burgers, rice krispies, rice cakes,tomatoes, potatoes, baby food, dog food, bread. GMO Corn is feed to the cows that produce the dairy and meat products we eat and our kids eat. Milk, cheese, ice cream, hamburgers from MacDonald, Burger King and Tahoe Joes. GMO corn is feed to the chickens we roast and the eggs we eat. We have no labeling ban on GMO’s.  GMO’s are everywhere and in everything. Potatoes have fish genes in them to keep them from freezing. Hersey uses GMO sugar beets to make Kisses.  The Kiss of death only in America.  Drugs, medicine, and vaccines for our kids all untested, unnatural, totally foreign red flag inducing genes running helter skelter through our blood streams making pig fat, fish scales, frog skin, boobs on boys, sterilizing sperm, and there is more.

GMO’s are Rape. No miracle or magic here like in the pollination and procreation process Mother Nature was so meticulous about.  Just a cheap shot.

Cheap shot

 FDA approved Corn Porn

FDA approved Corn Porn

And our friends at the FDA has legalized Rape and told Monsanto, the F’en-man now F has another meaning,  go for it. It’s all good.

The animal gene injected into a plant that had strict orders from Mom to stay out of the plant’s room is now up to it’s eyeballs in uncharted territory. The plants may be a little confused as well. Something is growing inside of it that has never been there before.  Normally under these circumstances there are guard cells that attack foreign or alien objects, beat them up and toss them out. The battle between the invading cells manifests itself as diseases, like cancer, autism, fibromyalgia, etc.  It is natures way of defending itself.  But there are no guard cells yet programmed to stop this F’en Kingdom invader.  Nature will evolve and will create a counter attack to these invaders.  What will then occur are new diseases to fight the foreign invaders.

F'en manporpoise

F'en manporpoise

The next time you are driving through the bread basket of America and see Amber waves of grain,fruited plains and corn as high as an elephant’s eye beware.  Chances are that these are the killing fields making toxic pollen killing all the pollinators the birds, bees and butterflies.  The wind is carrying the Terminator seed pollen to contaminate and enter the gene pool of that organic red corn that once kept an entire culture healthy, wealthy and wise.  Roundup kills everything it comes in contact with.

Roundup is Monsanto’s Pride and Joy, Cream of the Crop.

  Roundup is sprayed in school yards where your kids play, Monsanto’s Roundup linked to deadly diseases and birth defects,

Posted at Hawthorn elementary School

and it runs off into the storm drains where fishes drink it and it ends up in our drinking water.

storm drain runoff @ Hawthorn elementary

I run my dog on this grass.  My grand babies played soccer on this grass.  Little league baseball is played here. There is a children’s garden with lettuce and tomatoes right next to the posted warning sign. City, county, state agency’s use deadly Roundup on all public lands to kill stuff.  Landscaping services for shopping malls, open spaces, houses and apartment complexes spray Roundup regularly to kill stuff.   I am starting to take this killing thing  personally. We have devised a million and one ways to kill something and yet we do not know how to bring one single thing back to life.

I was wondering how I was going to end this.  I read the last sentence to Cassie.  This was her response.  “That is really stupid. Everybody always tells you to make a copy on an external hard  drive so if your computer crashes, you get the blue screen, error, abort, this file will self destruct in 10 seconds message then you can rest assured you have a copy.  You will not lose everything. You can start over.  Make a copy of your work, always backup is key.”  This is perfect example. Monsanto has no backup. It kills stuff and its dead and there is no bringing it back ever, no how.

We have all experienced the absolutely devastating feeling of losing a file, records, pictures, reports, that cannot be duplicated. There is no command z in nature where you can undo the last action when you contaminate the gene pool, kill a species. Terminator seeds are the delete button in nature and there is no backup.  Last night I feel asleep trying to finish this blog.  Yup, I unconsciously hit the delete key.  I have spent all day collecting the information from the original rough draft I saved.  Thank you god. I am done. It is dark. I am hitting save and backing this up.

UPDATE ON ROUNDUP CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS.  JUNE 14, 2011  http://www.panna.org/blog/chemical-trespass-roundingup-birth-defects

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Update: June 18, 2010 on Monsanto’s Roundup.

Scientist warns of dire consequences with widespread use of glyphosate
By Ken Roseboro, ed.
The Organic and Non-GMO Report, Posted June 14, 2010


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