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Here are some links for more info on buying, making or using a solar oven and even some full blown 3 course meals, cakes, cookies casseroles,  recipes  solarovens.org sunovens.org solarovens.net This next site provides plans for constructing solar ovens http://www.solarcooking.org/plans/.  You may even come up with some cool new ways and materials.  Some will work and some won’t, either way you can’t help but learn something.  I can promise that every solar cooker you see is  the result of someone thinking of a better way to do it. Who knows you may have an idea that no one has thought of yet. If you do come up with something better — Hey I would love to hear about it.  For questions or to schedule a demonstration for your group here in the Central Valley contact: Marcia Alter 805-458-1241 or email address malter1101@alocom.  And, of course you can see our attempt at making and cooking with a solar oven at holeinthefence.net Episode 6 Something Old, Something New and Something Entirely Different.

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Hey all!

Well, I’ve FINALLY finished this episode. The past few months have been…epic. Lots of things going on in the Blackwell household, the biggest thing being the move to Austin.

But enough about me. This episode has it all: intrigue, humor, excitement, fun, children, and Tom Ogren. Take a look. Leave a comment if you would like to encourage our behavior.

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