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Pulled the first zucchini of the season today! (Applause)

The snap peas, green beans, and carrots are also ready! (Oooh, ahhh)

Denette’s parents and her sister (+ family) are coming to visit in a couple of weeks. I can’t wait to show off our garden and have then pull the sweet bounty for themselves! (Cheer)

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Umm….the garden is going insane. I can’t believe how much bigger everything has gotten in just a few weeks. Here’s a quick rundown of the progress:

One month on...

  • The tomatoes, the anaheim chili, and some of the gourds are flowering
  • Everything is up now, and VERY healthy
  • The mulch is doing an excellent job of keeping my soil moist; I’m watering much less often
  • I still have to replant a cucumber (note to self: you LOVE cucumbers; go plant one!)

I planted FAR too many potatoes. I see that now. I’m going to have to do some serious thinning. Which I hate doing. There’s something wasteful about tearing out a perfectly good plant. I might just have to start another bed…

Some thinning may be appropriate...

Lastly, the gourds are taking over. It’s not pretty. I have about 10 volunteers sprouting out of the mound. They are threatening my beautiful Stars and Moons watermelon sprouts, and I cannot allow that.

Stars and Moons watermelon!

But, I simply can’t pull them out and throw them away. Like I said above. Not a fan.

So I’m offering the starts to a good home. If you want one or two, leave a comment and I’ll arrange a time to bring it over and help you prep a mound in your yard.

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