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Just needed alittle over a half a million

Several months ago I unsuspectingly walked into a meeting thinking I was signing up to be one of many volunteers in San Luis Obispo to collect signatures for this petition. As it turned out I was the only volunteer from San Luis and one other person from Morro Bay. I thought this will never do. We are going to make history here.  Started making some calls and found over 175 other people from Santa Maria to Paso Robles who thought the same thing. These super volunteers took on their communities and just his week, the last week of the campaign, we beat all of our other weekly totals and turned in 1,245 signatures.

I think we all discovered a very important fact here.  THE BEST OFFENSE AGAINST A COMPANY THAT HAS MORE MONEY THAN GOD IS AN ARMY OF VOLUNTEERS. You can’t buy volunteers.  WE ARE PRICELESS. VOLUNTEERS RULE!!!!!

We got the job done and this initiative will be on the November Ballot!!!!!! We will be the first State in the United States  to mandate, by order of the people, that GMO’s be labeled.  We made history. But the game is not over yet.  There is more history to be made.

Next step, get the vote out. But first, going to be doing a little celebrating.

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